In 1984 many years of experience in the market of contemporary art handling large publishing realities, gave idea to create a company that cured the offer, thanks to the quality of the works, with a wide range of new proposals which will not be in the category of uncertainty.

Today Petit Prince is unique on the market for the works and the artists it selects.

The seriousness, the organization, the ability to risk capital and the ideas. Petit Prince is dynamic on the market to ensure the artworks of the most prestigious and emerging masters. Those are selected by the advice of expert collectors and art critics, by the experience that the company has in this field. What is more, we listen and filter opinions about the artworks exposed in our stores expressed by the growing, critical and demanding public.

After more than thirty years spent without a single complaint received, Petit Prince is currently on the contemporary art market:


  • with three art galleries business in ltaly. These have an essential role o strengthen the relationship with the audience, organizing exhibitions and events of great cultural importance;
  • as an exhibitor to the most important trade fairs in the sector Italy and abroad (especially in the USA). These events are essential moments of meeting and planning with operators, because they allow a real verification of the market and the ever-changing needs of the public;
  • with a sales network that works to promote and distribute paintings and graphic editions of its artists to other galleries in Italy and to foreign countries (from warehouses and corporate offices in Naples, the company provides operators updating catalogs and delivery of the work required).


Particularly valid have turned out to be the choices the company made in the last twenty years to discover and promote new talents. In fact, some of them can already boast many collectors and their works are permanently exhibited by several European and American art dealers. We would like to briefly introduce here those whom we deem to be the most significant ones.