Our Warehouses

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The beating heart of Petit Prince srl is in Gragnano, in the province of Naples, where the administration and warehouses are located.

Here we keep the works of our artists and our limited edition graphic editions; we code and photograph new arrivals on a daily basis, thus ensuring the constant updating of catalogs to our retailers; we ship the works sold all over the world, using accredited and reliable couriers, in particular U.P.S. and Federal Express.

Together with the artists, in front of a good plate of pasta d.o.p. of Gragnano, we plan the exhibitions to be set up in our art galleries or other locations, and we take care of the graphics for the printing of monographic volumes and catalogs.

We take care to package every single product sold, regardless of value, carefully, using every possible precaution so that it arrives intact and fully reflects the customer's expectations.

The spaces of our warehouses have been divided into environments, differently set up and air-conditioned in order to guarantee the correct conservation of the works based on the materials and technical characteristics (for example, paper requires different percentages of humidity from the canvas, ceramics other than metal etc ...).

Since 2019 we have an internal photographic studio, equipped to make the printed and published images better quality visible to customers, as well as optimizing the time for updating catalogs to our promoters, which we print directly on site.

Some of our collaborators, strengthened by thirty years of experience and teamwork that has always given the hoped-for results, help us to train new recruits and, with them, to develop new ideas. Thus was born the need for a "lab space", a dedicated laboratory environment, which would reward both the manual and creative talents of our collaborators; whenever we think it is complete with everything you need, we are denied by the boys with requests for new machinery or equipment for the creation of special frames, or for the packaging and packaging of products.