Pietro Delasco

Pietro Delasco was born in 1967 in Brazil, to parents of Italian origin.

Son of an artist, a child who loves to spend hours and hours in his father's studio, learning to clean brushes and spatulas, to order canvases and colours, to catalogues paintings, drawings and sketches, to scrape the residues of color from the palette.

He sees his father become irritated when, after mixing different colors, he cannot get the desired ones. In his child's eyes, mixing different colors to obtain one, makes painting a very difficult "thing", but at the same time it enchants and amazes him.

At ten years old he took part in his first painting contest with a self-portrait; a few lines to give a rough outline to the profile, some colors taken from his father's palette, a final touch of white for the light and the self-portrait was ready.

Over time his natural admiration for paternal painting was joined by other artists that he began to get to know by leafing through books and catalogs in the studio.

He sees for the first time some images of Vincent Van Gogh; he looks at them, studies them and discovers the "movement of colour", promising himself that one day he will be able to paint like this.

Thus the adolescent years pass, in contact with painting and practicing drawing.

He enrolled, ignoring anyone who knows him, surprising them in the faculty of engineering; he attended university but continues to practice drawing and painting, mainly using water colours. He has an instinctive predisposition for literary and artistic subjects, so natural that he could never abandon them in the course of his life.

He graduated fairly quickly and began his first professional experiences that allowed him to travel, explore, get to know places.

The next five years pass by exploring preliminary hypotheses, formulating necessary and sufficient theorems, organizing and managingHe supercedes himself reaches an excellent company position and in the meanwhile….. draws whatever and whenever he can.His hand moves by itself drawing without thinking whilst talking on the phone in office meetings, on the edge of the sheets, next to numerical notes, appointments, marketing prospects, reports, budgets.The result are sheets and sheets of faces, objects, shadows, numbers and writings that for him tell the story of a day's work and for others they begin to become something artistic that is worth keeping.Finally the decision to follow and fulfill the dream of dedicating oneself completely and definitively to art; his art, getting back into the game, continuing to travel but in total freedom, enjoying the time to get to know different cultures and customs.Today his life and his art, when he is not around the world, are divided between Brazil and Italy.


2004 - Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

           Nova Artlivres Gallery

2005 - Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

           Mostra Spazio Petrobras

2006 - Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

          Scadar Gallery

2008 - Brasil, Recife

           Yacht Club

2009 - Brasil, Fortaleza

           Ignes Fiuzas Gallery

2010 - Brasil, Recife

          Arte Maior Gallery

2011 - Italy, Bergamo - Spazio Culturale San Bartolomeo

2013 - Italy, Siena – Art events Castel Monastero Resort

2014 - Italy, Bergamo – Circolo Arti Bergamo

           Italy, Bergamo - Cosimo Fanzago Gallery

           Italy, Bergamo – Lasconi Art Gallery

2015 - China, Shanghai – 1001 Latin Art Gallery

 Mostre Collettive

1998 - Brasil, Natal - Palazzo comunale

           Brasil, Niteroi - Galleria delle Accademie di Belle Arti

1999 - Brasil. Brasilia - Centro culturale del Distretto Federal

           Brasil. Niteroi - Museo Antonio Perreiras

           Brasil. Rio de Janeiro - Galleria Adi

2000 - Brasil  Rio de Janeiro - copacabana palace gallery

          Brasil  Rio de Janeiro - Museo arte moderna MAM

2002 - Brasil. Curitiba -  Acaiaca Gallery

          Brasil Santos - Istituto culturale brasile

          Brasil Rio de Janeiro - Museo de belle arti

2003 - Brasil Rio de Janeiro - Centro eventi impresarial

          Brasil Brasilia - Salone Cassa Federal

2004 - Brasil Nuova Friburgo - Centro Culturale de Friburgo

2007 - Brasil Cuiaba’ - Museo d’Arte

2008 - Brasil Recife - Yacht Club

          Brasile - Olinda - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea

2009 - Brasil Belo Horizonte - Istituto Culturale Brasile-Italia

          Niteroi - Centro Culturale Paschoal Carlos

          Brasil Niteroi - Museo de Inga’

2010 - Venezuela. Caracas - National Art Gallery

           Venezuela. Caracas - Galleria Sorollas

           Venezuela. Caracas - Galleria Privee d’Art

           Venezuela. Caracas - Valore Art Gallery

           Colombia. Bogota’ - Galleria d’Arte Moderna IGF

2012 - Italy Bergamo – Baf Fiera Arte Contemporanea  

           Italy Brescia - Fiera Arte Contemporanea

           Italy Bergamo - Associazione Kiwanis

2015 - China Shanghai - Fiera Arte Contemporanea

           China Shanghai - Jingqiao Town - Artworks from Italy & South America

2016 - Italy– Baf Fiera Arte

2017 - Italy – Fiera Piacenza

2019 - Italy – Fiera di Genova

           Italy- Fiera di Bari

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