Mauro Capelli was born in Ubiale Clanezzo in 1959, where he currently lives and works. His passion for art has matured since he was a child when he loved to contemplate the beauties of his Bergamo valleys and impress them with colors on small sheets of paper. 1990 is the year in which the great change takes place. He attended the school of the poet-painter Cesare Benaglia, and painting took over every passion of him, pushing him to create the first great works that have landscapes and figures as subjects. In a short time the artist was noticed by critics, participated in various painting competitions and some important art galleries set up his personal exhibitions. Today the works of Mauro Capelli are present in important private collections and critics have bestowed important awards on his art.
Mauro Capelli


1996 - Galleria "La Nossa" Lecco

1999 - Area Banca S.p.A., Bergamo

          Gallerie di quadri, Rho (Ml)

2000 - Galleria Arsmedia, Bergamo

2001 - Galleria Piazza Erbe di Giorgio Ghelfì, Verona

           Galleria Margherita, Taranto

2002 - Galleria XX Settembre, Bergamo

           Galleria Ghelfì, Verona

           Galleria Le Biblion, Toulouse, Francia

           Galleria Bottus, Bohus Byorkos, Svezia

2003 - Galleria Theotre, Besancon, Francia

           Galleria Atelier di Pezzoli Franca, Clusone (BG)

2004 - Galleria Sylvie Platini, Annecy, Francia

           Galleria De L'Estelle, Saint-Remy de Provence, Francia

2005 - Galleria L'Oeil Fauve, Pau Francia

2006 - Art Time, Udine

           Franca Pezzoli, Arte Contemporanea Clusone (BG)

2007 - Les Tourelles, Brioude Francia

           Galleria Art Time, Lignano Sabbiadoro Udine

2008 - Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea Clusone (BG)

2009 - Galleria Zamenhof, Milano

2010 - Franca Pezzoli, Arte Contemporanea Clusone (BG)

           Galerie Venezia, Pirmansens, Germania

2011 - Galleria Emmediarte, Milano

2012 - Franca Pezzoli, Arte Contemporanea Clusone (BG)

           Galerie Venezia, Pirmansens, Germania

2014 - Galleria Franca Pezzoli Clusone (BG)

           Galleria Art&co

2015 - Galleria Ghelfì Verona

2017 - Galleria Petit Prince Ravello (SA)

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