Mario Russo

Mario Russo was born in Naples in 1925.

In 1948 he took a diploma at the Art Institute of Naples.

1948-1949: he taught architectonic drawing in Anagni

1950: he moved to Rome where he still lives.

1950: he began taking part in art exhibitions in Italy and abroad

1953: he stayed in Paris; it is his first contact with another country

1960: he stayed in London where he held two personal exhibitions

1964: he carried out in Milan four panels of 5.185x2.340 meters in steel for T/N "Raffaello". Compositions inspired by Raphael's cartoons

1965: he travelled in Spain and carried out a series of cartoons for the "corrida" (bullfight)

1965: he stayed in Monaco di Baviera and held a personal exhibition

1967: he carried out a panel of five paintings of different measurements in black and white in tempera made up of five compositions from the subject "dead nature and allegories"

1968: he stayed in New York for personal exhibitions at the Rizzoli Gallery and accepted the invitation to show his work at the Royalton College, Vermont

1970: he stayed in Sardinia where he carried out, in a series of paintings a portrait of the island representing "man and nature"

1973-1974: he travelled all over Italy following theatrical companies and getting ideas fora "portrait of a woman"

1977: he was in Canada getting new ideas on the relationship between man and machine

1977-1978: he carried out forty portraits of important people who had distinguished themselves in politics, culture and art over the last century

1978: he held an exhibition in Germany at Refrat (Colonia)

1979: again in Canada fora personal exhibition invited by the ltalian Institute of Culture of Toronto and accepted the invitation to show his work at the Sudbury University

1981: Russo's meeting with the "Warriors oflRiace" in Florence: he carried out a series of paintings on these two hellenic sculptures. The mistery and charm of these works are for Russo reasons to increase his figurative language

1982: he carried out a series of works to show in Canada concerning canadian football

1983: he was invited by the Royal Spanish College of Bologna for a retrospective show

1983: "L'Unitas", an association for christian unity ìnvited the painter to carry out a work that was given to the Pope: it represented the jubilee year 1983-1984. Prints reproducing this picture are diffused all over tbe world

1984: he carried out some pictures on chinese andjapanese theatre

1985: he dedicated himself to the studying and carrying out of mportant works inspired by the cinema world and "Fellini" characters

1986: he carried out a series of drawings studying the greek and roman sculpture of the Naples Museum

1987: he was in Washington for the exhibition dedicated to Fellini

1988: he was at Antwerpen fora personal exhìbition of some works dedicated to belgian artists

1988: the exhibition dedicated to Fellini has a second showing at Palm Beach, Florida

1989: he carried out at Porto Cervo a series of paìntings intitled "the sardinian sea"

1990: he carried out a composition of five panels l.50xl.00 meters on the subject "Athena's group among actors"

1991: he continued to deepen his research on modem portrait and held a personal exhibition in Rome on "ldeas for three portraits"

1991: he carried out some paintings about the Gulp war and the tragedy of the Kurds

1991: he is studying the composition made up of a group of figures in a garden. It is an idea that wants to be a positive sign of the evolution of his creative language.


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