Beppe Francesconi Born in Marina di Massa on April 15, 1961, where he lives and works, shy and reserved, Francesconi is a storyteller. A great lover of music and literature, he enrolled at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts when his painting has already begun its definitive path. In fact, the art of B. Francesconi is characterized by a notable accentuation of the fantastic motifs, a vision that reflects the territories of the dream, with a creativity outside the ordinary schemes. His painting finds in the blue and red, sunny colors, the most congenial themes, alternating with suggestive nocturnes, where a sky full of stars becomes the background idea for magical apparitions and mysterious evocations. The fantastic road allows the Tuscan author to reach a feeling of escape and lightness, a refined re-enactment of the world. Elephants, rhinos, winged horses are symbols of a prevalence of playful motifs, of a fable-like vision, a nature viewed with amazement, through the eyes of a child. Francesconi's fairy tales and bewildered tales have their own truth, different ways of reading the world and its apparitions, mysterious tales of strange animals playing with space and time, creating magical agreements, impossible flights, unusual games. The central idea is that there is a different way to tell today's stories, relying on fantasy, invention, magic.
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