Antonio Massa

Antonio Massa was born in Terni, Italy, on August 25th in 1955. Since he was child ha already showed a very strong artistic sense and as a teenager he anjoyed to make portraits of his familiy. He holds his first exhibition twenty years later in Sorrento, only with little experience, Antonio collected a great success which encouraged him to continue. As we admire his enchanted flowers, in the comforting layers of sweet pink and hot red, we find ourselves as if we were in an oasis during a hot day. Massa’s painting is an art on human scale, his imagination gives us love and passion. His art is the grace and simplicity of late romanticism which is not made for those who live in our time. Only love for painting and enthusiasm can give the quality that is native to the works of this artist, who has devoted himself to the art as ideal of life.

The visit, totally random, to the Railway Museum of the Royal Pietrarsa Workshops will mark in Antonio Massa's artistic path. To see the place where it was built the first locomotive and railway which saw moving on the first locomotive on Italian territory in 1839 and touching very close the ability to create and giving movement and dynamics to the metal materials arouse curiosity and disturbance in the soul especially for who like Antonio Massa found inspiration in the nature's colours to represent the perpetual motion that moves the world and the life. That is the beginning of long train journeys, to find stations with special tales to tell through the canvas: looking for locomotive transporting from south to north of the ancient continent so much hope or for those which accompained the armies in the trenches. Searching in the deposits of abandoned plates that have much to tell us about like the bark of an ancient tree, the onest through the form and the signs that man has marked on them, the other through form and signs that the nature has given.


1975 - Sorrento, Palazzo Correale

1978 - Napoli, Mostra d’Oltremare

1982 - Modena, Museo Civico

1986 - Braunschweig (Germania), B.Gallery

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1992 - Ravello, Le Petit Prince Art Gallery

1993 - Bari, ExpoArte

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1998 - Sorrento, Palazzo Correale

2001 - Padova, ExpoArte

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2005 - Firenze, ExpoArte

2008 - Roma, Galleria Latina

2009 - Parma, ExpoArte

2010 - Manfredonia, Manf. Art Gallery

2011 - Grosseto, Galleria Rossi Miraldo

-             Bergamo, Wunderkammer Art Gallery

-             Settimo Torinese, Galleria Arte Oggi

2012 - Chieti, Galleria Di Nardo

2013 - Amalfi, Galleria Fusco

2014 - Ravello, Le Petit Prince Art Gallery

2015 - Padova, ExpoArte

2016 – Genova, ArteGenova

2017 – Ravello, Petit Prince Art Gallery

2018 – Olgiate Comasco, Galp Gallery

2019 – Ravello, Petit Prince Art Gallery

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