Angelo Accardi

 Angelo Accardi was born in Sapri, a small town in the south of Italy, about 400km. south of Rome. In the course of his artistic development he has been pursuing a constant search after new sensations. His debut on the artistic scene was strongly characterized by what in Italian Art is referred to as “figura”, a representation of the human body, as well as by pictorial and symbolic art. A short interval at the Art Academy of Naples marks the beginning of an identity crisis that will go on for a few years, and in this period his work evolves toward the abstract. In the beginning of the nineties Accardi sets up his personal studio at Sapri and embarks on his pursuit of depicting figures against a social background; in the same period he exhibits in prestigeous galleries in Italy and abroad, such as Rossetti and Pini in Rome, the Manzoni Art Studio of Milan and the Klaus Lea Gallery of Munich. The cycle of works called “Human Collection” depicting on attenuated atmosphere suggesting the softness of cotton wool - where the figures are masterfully veiled as if by a sheath of moistness - marks a fondamental passage in his artistic development. The works of this cycle were initially exhibited in Vancouver. This exhibition then led to a five year collaboration with the Korean gallerist, Robert Kwon. In 2001 he launched his association with three prestigeous galleries: Verrengia of Salerno, Spazio Arte at Rovereto and Battaglia of Milan, followed by personal and (collective) group exhibitions, such as “Speed Generation” and “Vicious”, which will give Accardi access to more appealing, stimulating artistic environments. In this scenario he meets up with the florentine gallerist Giovannini, promoter of the travelling exhibition “Enjoy the Silence”. Consequently, fifteen of his canvasses have been exhibited in Florence, Innsbruck, Barcellona, and Budapest. With the new avant-garde group “Tantarte” he partecipates at the “Galleria Italia” in Shanghai in 2006. Since 2007 he has been working with the “Miniaci Art Gallery Milano” led by Antonio Miniaci. In 2008 he begins a collaboration with Guido Migheli, a promoter of significant artistic initiatives in South Italy. In the same year the group “Petit Prince” begins to distribute his works in Italy and abroad, and the year 2009 marks the beginning of relations with “Arte Ferraro” of Rome and with the gallerist Raimonda Z. Bongiovanni of Bologna, who care for Accardi, several personal and collectives. 2011 is the year in which the art historian Marco Vallora, select him for the 54th Venice Biennale. Later he began working with the "Galleria Il Novecento" of Salerno, "Simon Bart" of Porto Cervo and "Gallery Percapita" Carpi. The collaboration between the artist and the Nuovospazio Arte Contemporanea Gallery begins in 2015. Today his works are treated by international galleries including Bel Air Fine Art in Geneva, Ransom Art Gallery in London, Zenzero Art Gallery in Lugano, Avant Gallery in Miami, Eden Gallery in New York City, VS Arte in Milan and Art Gallery Tolstoy in Moscow.

Angelo Accardi

2018 Misplaced – Blend Eden Fine Art London

2018 Misplaced - Blend Eden Fine Art Mykonos

2017 Misplaced – Blend Art Gallery Tolstoy Moscow

2017 Misplaced – Blend VS Arte Milano

2017 Misplaced  Eden Gallery New York City

2016 Misplaced –  Blend Bel Air Fine Art Ginevra

2015 Misplaced Zenzero Art Gallery Lugano

2015 Misplaced Avant Gallery Miami

2015 Misplaced Nuovospazio Arte Contemporanea Piacenza

2015 HEartH Galleria Palma Arte Saliceto di Alseno 

2015 Misplaced Galleria Simon Bart Porto Cervo 

2014 Misplaced Galleria Il Novecento Salerno

2014 Misplaced Galleria Simon Bart Porto Cervo 

2013 Misplaced Galleria GALP Olgiate Comasco

2013 Misplaced Contemporanea Galleria D'Arte Foggia

2012 City Life Galleria Di Nardo Chieti

2012 Ri-flesso Urbano Galleria Punto Sull’Arte Varese

2012 Misplaced Petit Prince Ravello

2011 Metropolis Galleria Spazio 6 Verona

2011 Misplaced Padiglione Italia 54a Biennale di Venezia

2011 Misplaced Galleria Conarte Savona

2011 Old Cars Today Galleria Frida Arte Bari

2011 Shut-Out Centro Studi Cappella Orsini Roma

2011 Mayday Mayday Spazio Nessun Dorma Bari

2011 Rich! Gallerie Bongiovanni Arte Fiera Bologna

2010 Misplaced Petit Prince Ravello

2010 La luce del mediterraneo Galleria Vaiasuso Alcamo

2009 Movimenti Urbani Parentesi Studia Vittorio Veneto

2009 Art in Mind The Brick Lane Gallery London

2009 Underpressure Petit Prince Ravello

2009 Waypoint 38°6’N/15°39’E Castello Aragonese Reggio Calabria

 2009 Mayday Mayday Gallerie Bongiovanni Bologna

2009 Mayday Mayday Aranciera Semenzaio S. Sisto Roma

2009 Waypoint 41°7’N/16°52’E Fortino S. Antonio Bari

2008 Underpressure Galleria Frida Arte Bari

2008 Fragments Contini Arte Milazzo

2008 Fragments Castello Svevo Normanno Mesagne

2008 Pop Link-age Kunstart Bolzano

2008 Correaltà Mediateca Provinciale Matera

2007 Underpressure USB Galerie Salzburg

2007 Underpressure Millares Art Madrid

2006 Tra Oriente e Occidente Sala della Ragione Asolo

2006 Galleria Italia Grand Theatre Gallery Shanghai

2005 Fracture Kunstmesse of Art Innsbruck

2006 Fragments Galleria Container Sassuolo

2006 P.R. Santopacato Zone Pistoia

2004 Conversion Immagina Arte Reggio Emilia

2004 Human Collection Studio Arte 53 Rovereto

2004 Enjoy the Silence Art Point Black Firenze

2003 Speed Generation Galleria Verrengia Salerno

2003 Città Palazzo Esposizioni Budapest

2003 Catalunya L16 Art Barcellona

2002 Flash Battaglia Art Studio Milano

2001 Vicious Spazio Arte Pizzini Rovereto

2001 Human Collection Robert Kwon Gallery Vancouver

2000 Borders Spazio Arte Pizzini Rovereto

1999 Off Robert Kwon Gallery Vancouver

1997 Matrix Robert Kwon Gallery Vancouver

1996 Italian Job Klaus Lea Gallery München

1995 Emotional Life Klaus Lea Gallery München

1993 Omologati Manzoni Arte Studio Milano

1993 Umanemozioni Rossetti e Pini Area Arte Roma

1990 History Centro Storico Matera