Aleandro Roncarà

I was born in Orbetello in 1967.

But this is only the last part of the story. First there is a family of Orbetello restaurateurs I spent my all life in graphic studio in Montecatini ... the restaurant became my "private gallery ... and my three splendid children: Carlotta, Lupo and Brando.

Then there is the drawing. On diaries, walls, hospital plaster and billions of sheets. Finally the paintings, this time my stamp my characters, my world, all within their world. “Mondorondo”, precisely.

Where Centòmini, Mister Phil, Dixie, Rebblu, Squalogatto move ... where everything is fantasy and nothing is violence.

This extravagantly mythological land was born from the songs of the seventies, on the notes of Loi and Altomare, Drupi, Rino Gaetano; it feeds on the exploits of legendary figures, those that give zest to the stories, the cities at the night, all the bars, and enjoying good company. The real "characters", in short ... those whose each sentence could be the title of something, a song, a recipe of a short romantic novel. The true officiants of the "religion of staying up late and waiting for  the sunrise" in my Unique city, which are the memory and the future of my generation.

Those that in my opinion, no matter how "already seen and In-correct”, are doing well in Mondorondo. The characters that animate Mondorondo (the pleasant planet without vocabulary!) live, breathe, they are  pure color themselves, direct, iconic, simple in the way of having fun and cheering up by appearing. In Mondorondo everything is fantasy and nothing is violence as the artist points out.


Roncarà outlines his figures with marked and robust black contour, the black lines become deep observation of thoughts they support the characters, they are funny and iridescent scaffolds, which derive from dreams and ideas, songs sung at dawn, after having the late night in a bar in the neighborhood.

He strongly believes in unusual color combinations and in the male and black trait which separates them.

For some years he was involved  in the world of sculpture , according to others with remarkable results.

He works with important fashion, accessories, design and furniture companies.

He draws, bakes cakes and paints in his unique and true "eternal" city Montecatini 

Aleandro Roncara

Dal 1975 al 2005 - Disegna, disegna e disegna.

2007 – Inizia ad esporre....

2009 – Mostra Collettiva Kursaal Montecatini Terme

2009 – Dettagli – Solo Show Studio Domus (Borgo a Buggiano)

2009 – Solo Show – Palazzo Forti (Pescia)

2009 – Pop Heart – Solo Show Torretta Valadier (Roma) 2010 – Vernice Art Fair (Forli)

2010 – Marguttiana (Forte dei Marmi)

2010 – Arte in Fiera (Reggio Emilia)

2011 – G8 - Collettiva -Saluzzo Arte

2011 – Marguttiana (Forte dei Marmi)

2011 – Art In The Bunker - LONDON – Collettiva

2012 – Vernice Art Fair (Forli)

2012 – Surreale e Fantastico – Arttime (UDINE)

2012 – Marguttiana (Forte dei Marmi)

2012 - FACES Studio Iroko – Milano

2012 – Pop-panti – Solo Show di Pittura (Pescia)

2012 – Arte al Castello – Biennale di Pittura (Fortezza di Montecarlo)

2012 – Miss Dixie – Solo Show per Miss Italia

2012 – Neo Pop.Art – (Bologna) Spazio San Giorgio Collettiva Arte Pop

2012 – Centòmini alle Terme – Personale di Pittura– Montecatini

2013 – Aordable Art Fair Milano – Superstudio

2013 – Macro in un Micro - Solo Show SPOLETO Art Fair

2013 - Solo Show Museo Ugo Guidi – Forte dei Marmi

2013 – #INSTA-POP Pers. allo Spazio Espositivo Sopra le Logge - PISA

2013 - Non esistono più i conigli di una volta - Solo Show - Spazio San Giorgio BOLOGNA

2014 – Aordable Art Fair Milano – Superstudio

2014 – Terraza Aperol MILANO – Mostra Personale

2014 – Solo Show - Food & Street - Nizza

2014 – Solo Show Galleria Arte Barbato Scafati

2015 - Solo Show Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande - BOLOGNA

2015 - Solo Show @Circle Milano - Milano Fashion Week

2015 - Personale - Galleria Centro Steccata Parma

2015 - Collettiva - CHICAGO @Art Sopace 8

2016 - The Podenco Project - @P Art Ibiza Gallery

2016 - Collettiva @P Art Ibiza Gallery

2016 - Aresco Murale Museo MUST - Faenza

2016 - Museo Marino Marini (Pistoia) - Mostra Personale

2016 - Solo Show - Lajatico (PI)

2016 - Enjoy - Solo Show @Museo Lechi - Montichiari (BS)

2016 Solo Show -Headache – S. Marino

2017 Solo Show – Ozone- Parigi

2017 Solo Show – Cervi Fashion Industries

2017 Solo Show -Satura Galleria d'Arte - Genova

2017 Solo Show- Simon Bart – Porto Cervo

2017 Solo Show – Il “ 900 Galleria d'arte – Poltu Quatu

2017 Mostra personale- Sale Affrescate Comune di Pistoia- Capitale Italiana della Cultura

2017 Solo Show - Art Event Mazzoleni- Forte Village -Ca

2017 Solo Show – Il Cesello Pietrasanta

2017 Solo Show – Contemporary Art – Forte dei Marmi

2017 Solo Show – Pitti - Firenze

2017 Solo Show – Palazzo Guicciardini Strozzi – Firenze

2017 Mostra personale- Art Event Mazzoleni- Bergamo

2017 Mostra personale – Centro Steccata – Punta Ala

2017 Solo Show- Palazzo Corsini – Firenze

2018 Solo Show – Fondazione Piaggio – Pontedera Pisa

2018 Mostra personale -Fondazione Mazzoleni –Forte Village .Villasimius . Cagliari

2018 Solo Show- Salone del Libro .Panini – Comix – Torino

2018 Solo Show –Festival Internazionale deL Cinema Giffoni – Salerno

2018 Mostra personale TID – Design Milano

2018 Mostra personale – Lambretto Factory – Milano

2019 Solo Show Salone del Libro –Torino- Comix Panini

2019 Festival Internazionale dei Ragazzi Giffoni – Salerno

2019 Fondazione Mazzoleni –Forte Village –Villasimius – Cagliaru

2019 Formentera –Spagna

2019 Madrid – Spagna

2019 Pietrasanta –Italia

2020 Ravello

2020 Bologna


TDS Theater of Silence

Andrea Bocelli Foundation

Piaggio Foundation

Italian Independent

Franco Cosimo Panini publishers


Bandecchi & Vivaldi

Vertical Foundation

Big Store - Formentera

Big Store - Milan

Luis Spa

Seconda Base

Weg Fashion Group

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